Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Grails 1.0 is Out!

Grails 1.0 was finally released yesterday!
To quote from the official website: "The Search Is Over!"
After a long and exciting wait, Grails, the response to Ruby on Rails (RoR) from the Java land, has reached maturity.
It adopts "Convention over Configuration" (CoC), which has been made popular by RoR.
It's built on top of solid frameworks, such as Spring, Hibernate & Sitemesh, allowing developers to quickly develop web application with a focus on CRUD operations on database.
It also has a healthy plugin system to allow contributors to develope plugins, such as Acegi plugin.
When developing with Grails, you program in Groovy, a powerful scripting language that runs seamlessly on the JVM. It has all the powers that Ruby has and maybe more.
Enjoy the journey to Grails! I'm sure I will.

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