Sunday, May 6, 2007

Paypal - the *WORST* e-Commerce website I have ever used!

Using Paypal is so painful!

1) Painful to reset your password if you forget your email address you signed up with.
I had an account with Paypal long time ago. But I forgot which email account I signed up with.
So I clicked the "forgot your password" link.
I entered my hotmail account, the page displayed "The instruction on how to reset your password has been sent to you account."
Then I monitored my hotmail account for hours and did not find any email from Paypal.
Then I tried again. This time I used my Yahoo! account. The same message. And still no email from Paypal appeared in the Yahoo! inbox.
Can't they just tell you the fact that you didn't sign up with that email address?!

2) Painful to sign up and activate your account.
Finally I gave up and decided to sign up with my gmail email address. All seemed fine until I clicked the link in the message to activate my account.
The page prompted me to enter my password. I entered the password I set not that long ago. Alas, the page displayed: "Click here to retry" with no other error message telling you what is wrong! I tried and tried and still no luck.

So I thought maybe I set the initial password incorrectly, so I decided to reset my password. This time I received the reset password email. I clicked the link and it seemed fine.
I tried to reset my password to the password I wanted to set initially. My password was rejected because it was the same as the current active password!!! Then why the hell Paypal asked me to retry when I entered the correct password in the first place!!!
I changed to another password, which was accepted. Then Paypal prompted me to log in.
I entered my login details correctly with the second password
Paypal just displayed the same "Click here to retry" message again!!!

I have never ever used an e-Commerce website that is more pathetic than Paypal!!!

IMHO, Paypal is the *WORST* high-profile website ever in the world!!!

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