Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nice improvements in NetBeans 6.0

NetBeans 6.0 Beta 1 has been released since last week.

There are a few nice improvements that I have been waiting for:

1) Different font style for different scoped variables.
In NetBeans 5.5.1 and earlier versions, all variables have the default black colour, unlike Eclipse, which displays instance variables in blue and static variables in italic.
NetBeans 6.0 has finally caught up. Now the instance variables are in green and static variables/methods are also italic.

2) Visual JSF page editing now supports message resource bundles.
Previously, when using visual editing of a JSF page, if you need to display a label with text from a resource bundle, you have to manually edit the JSP pages. The resulting components are not displayed on the canvas.
This has been improved. Now these components are displayed on the canvas with the text from the default base.

Nice, isn't it? I may consider switching from MyEclipse to NetBeans 6.0 when it's finally out.

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